DISC Behavioural Analysis

The DISC model is a method that allows us to understand human....

behaviour and identify a person’s behavioural profile

  • Know our own behaviour style and raise our own consciousness.
  • Identify different styles of speaking partners and be able to adapt to them.
  • Create an interrelation framework that brings us closer to our goals

Analysis teaches us where we put our mental energy and measures the four predictable behavioural factors:

Decision: how we respond to the goals and challenges

Influence: how we interact with and influence others

Serenity: how we respond to rhythm and change of environment

Normative compliance: how we respond to pre-established norms and procedures

All of our growth paths and coaching processes are based on a DISC behavioural analysis. Our analysis teaches both the natural and adapted profile of the ‘coachee’, so it is a very useful source of information, not only for himself but also for his leaders, colleagues and family: it reveals his strengths, needs and motivations, it is a great help to learn to communicate and interact more satisfactorily and it encourages self-knowledge and stimulates self-management.



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