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Work philosophy - Mighty Mind Burning Soul

Do you know that sunflowers turn towards the sun during the day to take full advantage of its energy, right?...

It is logical, its own name tells you! But did you also know that on cloudy days, they turn towards each other to charge each others’ energy?

I believe that nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for human beings. Very often we need the other person to get the best out of us individually. As Kenneth Blanchard, management expert and best-selling author of ‘One Minute Manager’ says: “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Sunflowers perfectly illustrate my work philosophy. With training and workshops, we sow seeds of knowledge in all those people who seek to improve the quality of their own lives and of the people around them, be they collaborators, family members or friends. With a personal or executive coaching path we accompany people while they grow and excel themselves. We make the sunflower stem very strong so that it can then support a large, beautiful flower filled with tasty seeds. With advice tailored to your organisation, we seek your transformation so that it begins to flourish like never before. Commitment, motivation and feedback are the food and water that will ensure the best result. And without a doubt: that all the faces will look in the same direction!